How we scaled our data team from 1 to 30 people

In the last three years at Monzo, we've scaled a world class data organisation from zero to 30+ people.
When I built my first data organisation five years ago in a small start-up, it took me a year of zig-zagging to get to a decent stage. When I joined Monzo back in 2016, we achieved the same result in a month because I'd learnt lots of lessons before. And it's no surprise that implementing major changes once your team's already huge is a lot harder than maintaining an existing high standard as you scale it! For other growing companies looking to scale their data teams, we wanted to share the lessons we've learnt so far, to save you some of the trouble! 😅
In this post, we'll walk through how data works at Monzo, and share the high level principles we've used to scale the team.

Highly recommended.


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