We need to teach our children how to dream


Summary: Curiosity, Agility, Empathy, and Creativity are key skills to the future but schools don't teach them. We all know this...

Mass education is the main way kids learn today. But back in tribal society (and to some degree in home schooling communities today) 'education' was really a shared social responsibility. 'It takes a village,' right?

Consider an analogy where education is modeled as an R&D investment within a company. Companies know that their future value will stem from new innovations. Societies know that future quality of life will stem from the quality of the education provided to their future leaders.

With that analogy in mind, consider that the most successful innovation companies (like Apple while Steve was there) did not have R&D departments. They treated R&D as a true collective responsibility drove that culture across their whole organization.

Maybe education should not be a discrete institution within society, but rather a collective cultural responsibility.

Do you agree? What would such a system look like at scale?


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