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The Quiet iPad

by M.G. Siegler


Nintendo to Double Production of Switch Console

Akashi Mochizuki:

In the fiscal year starting April 2017, assemblers under contract with Nintendo are now planning to manufacture 16 million or more Switches, up from an initial plan for eight million, said people briefed on the plans. Even after accounting for inventory, that suggests Nintendo believes it can sell significantly more than 10 million units during the 12-month period, they said, beating expectations of many analysts.

Great news for Nintendo. Of course, as with the NES Classic, it would seem that Nintendo badly underestimated demand once again. It's one of those good problems to have -- unless you underestimate so badly that by the time you're able to fulfill demand, demand is waning...

Couple this with the fact that Nintendo obviously very badly overestimated demand for the last console, the Wii U. And the fact that they badly mis-priced Super Mario Run. And you have to wonder if the people running Nintendo actually do know what their users want. Or if they're just throwing some stuff out there to see what sticks.

You can do that with great IP. For a while, anyway. If a few things fail to stick in a row... Anyway, still waiting to get my Switch!


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