Be Latina: 3 Latina Entrepreneurs prove age doesn't matter after finding huge success after their 40's

Impetus, innovation, and success aren’t limited to only the young, proven by these three Latina entrepreneurs. Rea Ann Silva, founder of Beauty Blender, took her skills as a makeup artist and created the famous beauty blender sponge (I love this sponge!) and turned it into a $215 million per year biz. Valdé Beauty founder Margarita Arriagada solved a dilemma known by all makeup lovers: how to never run out of our favorite lipsticks.💄 She did this by creating a reusable lipstick tube that can be refilled with your favorite lip color once it runs out, thus enabling the user to keep their adored tube while limiting their carbon footprint. Beyond being a mother and running a household, Aisha Ceballos-Crump runs two beauty brands (Honey Baby Naturals and Botanika - both available at Target and Amazon), as well as a beauty brand incubator.


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