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This is the End?

by M.G. Siegler

Apple AirPods: More than just Headphones

Speaking of vocal computing, here's Ben Bajarin on the AirPods:

Creating the Siri experience to be more than just voice-first but voice-only will be an important exercise. I strongly believe that, when voice exists on a computer with a screen, it will never be the primary interaction input with that screen. Take the screen away and things start to get really interesting. This is when new behaviors and new interactions with computers take place and it’s what happens when you start to integrate the Amazon Echo or Google Home into your life as both are voice-first experiences.

Exactly. This has been the "problem" with Siri to date (versus something like Alexa). And it's why Apple is undoubtedly going to do an Alexa-like device. And why Google has with Home. Etc. 

Most complaints about the AirPods seem to focus around the notion that while they push Siri at you more so than any other Apple product, Siri still requires you to look at a screen for a lot of the information she serves up. The screen should be a 'nice-to-have' for these products (and the rumors have Amazon working on an Alexa with a screen), but the atomic unit of feedback for vocal computing needs to be audio. 


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