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Bear of a Winter

by M.G. Siegler


One of the best performances in ‘Rogue One’ is by an actor who died in 1994

If you're one of the seemingly few human beings on the planet who hasn't yet seen Rogue One, you should. Meanwhile, below is only a spoiler if you haven't seen any of the trailers (which also seems impossible). 

Michael Cavna:

Under director Gareth Edwards, “Rogue One” represents another marker in the decades-long quest for the best CGI-fashioned human replicas. The filmmakers auditioned actors to “play” Cushing’s Tarkin, settling on BBC soap actor Guy Henry. This Tarkin is thus free of the dreaded “dead eye” effect. Lo, though the effects wizards walk through the “uncanny valley,” Tarkin registers as quite alive — even if his facial proportions sometimes read as ever so slightly off from the Original Trilogy. We are nearing the reality of a fully fleshed-out, CGI-enhanced performance long after an actor has passed.

It's pretty incredible how well done this is. And yes, it's just a matter of time before a full leading performance is done this way. It's the "natural" extension of Gollum plus Hologram Tupac...


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