Designing Apps for Kids - Best Practices | Savah

🧒There is no one who hangs up an incoming call faster than a kid watching a video or playing games on a parent’s smartphone. Many parents can testify, hands up high, to that. It’s annoying but again very hilarious. This is how kids truly relish and love interactive apps.

Developing an app for kids, especially those between the ages of 3-7, maybe easier said than done. Why? There are unique cases to be considered especially from a UI/UX point of view. Some of these considerations include:

  • Children can’t read yet and placing labels under icons may prove futile
  • Kids have little deftness and muscular controls compared to adult
  • Children shouldn’t be laden with information on screens
  • Most importantly, they need more security features and special safety measures. So when developing a secure app for kids, a designer should take into account parental gates, avoid in-app advertising and outbound links.
  • Designing kids apps introduce a lot more new factors like children reaction based on their age and location etc.

This screen has to be bright, eye-catching and colourful. Ideally, it does not have to take more than ten seconds.


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