The iPad Operating System

Horace Dediu on iPadOS:

And yet, the iPad is not Mac. It will remain separate and target Mac non-consumers. Indeed there are three times more iPad users than Mac users and it’s quite possible that the iPad base can expand further with enhancement into productivity.
The iPad has not proven to be either an iPhone or a PC killer. It’s just in between. It’s not a bowl and it’s not a swimming pool. It’s a bathtub. And yes, bathtubs are never going to be as common as bowls but they have their uses and are not obsoleted by better water containers.

I feel like given the past few years of narratives, people forget just how big the iPad base is — it’s massive, far bigger than the Mac, as Dediu notes. It’s just that the iPad hit the market ceiling (at least a first level of it) so fast and furious out of the gate. (Compared to the iPhone, which is hitting it now.)

And that’s a fun, albeit imperfect, analogy. Be gone trucks vs. cars!


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