The US $100 bill

A fun look at the history of the hundred dollar bill, currently the most widely circulated note (despite the push to go cashless!) Some fun facts:

  • 2: Non-presidents currently featured on US bills—Ben Franklin on the $100 and Alexander Hamilton on the $10
  • 1997: Year “Been Around the World/It’s All About the Benjamins” by Puff Daddy (as he was then known) charted #1
  • 14.2 cents: Cost to produce a single $100 bill
  • 15 years: Typical lifespan of a $100 bill
  • 2.5: Times longer Canada’s polymer $100 bill is supposed to last, compared to cotton-linen paper
  • $46 million: Size of the Federal Reserve’s contract with Crane & Co., the company that makes currency laced with security features
  • 75%: Proportion of the $100 bill that is cotton. The rest is linen.


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