User Interfaces. How to build them properly

Hi there! 👋Our good friend Victor is writing a book that helps solo founders, indie hackers, and developers to build proper user interfaces. It's still in progress.

You don't need to be a designer to make interfaces that looks decent. There are a few main principles that you should be aware of. That's not about drawing beautiful images, that's about how users interact with your interface and which problems they have.

Who is Victor?

He is a developer who is passionate about user interfaces. He really loves to help people with interfaces, so from time to time, he gives free advice!

Why do you need this book?

It will help you with:

- Finding weak parts of your interfaces which irritate your users

- Avoid typical mistakes done by non-designers

- Avoid typical landing page mistakes which decrease conversion rate and increase bounce rate

- Making your UI easy to use

What the book is about?

In this book, Victor plans to cover everything related to user interfaces:

- Using all that stuff like buttons, dropdowns, tables, loaders, menus, etc.

- UX aspects of interfaces. I believe that UX is way too important

- Typical mistakes, DONTs & DOs

- Everything else I'll have in mind.

He plans to use only practical examples, with plenty of screenshots. The estimated number of pages is about ~200 including images. But who knows 🧐

Why you should pre-order?

By pre-ordering the book you will keep my motivation to make a book that may help you and others to cover this area of the digital world. 

The price is discounted. The final price after release will be $40.

Will I be charged immediately?

No, you'll be charged only when I publish the book.

When it will be released?

The release is planned for 1st January (1.01.2021)

Pre-order Now!


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