How WFH Has Reshaped Our Work Behaviors

The part of this article that I'm most interested in is here:

One of the major goals of the Data & Analytics team, when it was founded in 2016, was to “democratize data at BetterCloud.” We started a long journey of extracting data from all the applications we use into a centralized database, and then layering Tableau dashboards on top to allow employees in different verticals to fish for themselves.
Tableau usage data indicates a strong upward trend in usage, but remote work has accelerated the trend. Our thought is that people are now unable to tap their neighbor on their shoulder to ask questions, and instead would have to message them and wait for a response. People will try to be self-sufficient and solve problems on their own. To that end, we saw a 67% increase in the number of monthly users from January to April 2020.

This is incredibly cool. It mirrors my gut instinct on the topic given what I've observed growing a company from 15 to 40 team members during Covid-enforced WFH. Shoulder-tapping and informal communication is no longer an appropriate solution when all shoulders are geographically distributed. This is a very good thing—more self-service analytics is absolutely the future.

As in other technology trends that are being accelerated by the pandemic, we're seeing a decade of progress in several months.


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