Twitter Withdraws Lawsuit After U.S. Government Drops Demand to Reveal Anti-Trump User’s Identity – Adweek

While the Twitter account at issue is anti-Trump, the actual problem would apply equally to Trump supporters. This is one of those cases where free speech actually does apply because the government was seeking the name of an anonymous political speaker, which may discourage other people from speaking out politically.

(Public Service Announcement: This is NOT like almost every time free speech comes up on your Facebook timeline, invoked about a private corporation or citizen telling another citizen to shut up or get off their website or go speak somewhere else. Remember this and you'll never be the least informed person on Facebook: the right of free speech only prevents the government from silencing you. Any private person or company can refuse to let you speak on their land or in their house or on their website. Anyone. Ever. Always.)

Anyway, the government demanded Twitter disclose the identity of an anonymous account, but made the demand using a summons applicable only to imported goods. 

So, someone stupid at Customs and Border Protection probably got fired, because the whole thing is pretty embarrassing to the government - and not merely because they didn't get the info they wanted, but because they didn't even "demand" it in the right way, and had to retreat with their legal tail between their legs.


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