On Agile, Trello, and the ‘dryness’ of ideas


This is a unique, fascinating read. Long and winding, but with many worthwhile ideas. The author is a data scientist who works with corporate clients. Here's my favorite insight:

Increasingly I’ve become convinced that the most valuable part of an agile workflow is the part that happens in between sprints. Figuring out what to do next is actually the hardest, and most important part. I’ve adopted the general rule that Sprint Review can and should happen immediately after the end of a Sprint, and Sprint Planning should be the meeting that immediately precedes the sprint. But those two meetings should never be on the same day.

In our quest for productivity, we often move right on to the "next" unit of work without giving ourselves the space to pause and examine our course of action. In the exploratory journey of a data science project, it's simply not possible to plot the entire course up front.


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