Canada as an Attractive Destination for European Tech: A conversation with Nicole Streuli-Fürst, Executive Vice President Operations and Research at RepRisk

By Maryna Ivus | email

Canada is one of Europe’s closest trading partners, and the rapid pace of Canadian development in artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and IoT overlap with European priority areas and digital strengths. This makes Canada an attractive destination for tech-based foreign direct investment (FDI) from Europe. Recently, ICTC’s Manager of Labour Market Research, Maryna Ivus, met with Nicole Streuli-Fürst, Executive Vice President Operations and Research at RepRisk, to learn about RepRisk’s experiences as a European ICT company entering the Canadian market.


When did you begin operations in Canada? And what prompted this decision?


We started our operations in Toronto in 2017. We were looking for a place to expand and that had a lot of foreign language capacity. Our biggest operations are in Manila, which is where we conduct English language research. We wanted a hub where we could get basically any language at a well-educated level. When we did our research, Canada stood out, and especially Toronto. We have also been looking at expanding into the US. We felt that opening in Canada was a bit easier than the US, at least at the start.


What have the results been of your company’s expansion into the Canadian market?


We have been pleased with how things have gone. We are extremely happy with the talent we have found, especially in research and IT. For Research, we do find the multi-language analysts we are looking for. We did not anticipate that our IT team in Canada would grow as much as it did; IT was not our primary focus when we decided to expand to Canada, but now our second biggest IT team is in Canada. It was easy to get started here. There were not too many hurdles. We got some help through Toronto Global and we were in touch with Trade Commissioners who eased those first few steps for us, providing context, etc. In general, the legal side and the paperwork was structured and went well. We had lawyers helping us, but we followed the process, and everything went rather smoothly.
On a more personal note, I moved to Canada with my family. Both as a business professional and as a resident, I felt extremely welcomed. Canada is very open and supporting to new people. There is a culture of helping people to get on their feet.

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