Where’s Simba’s mom? In real life, female lions run the pride.


With the live-action remake of Disney’s famed Lion King hitting theaters this week this piece on how the movie script really should have been written is awesome and hilariously written. First off, the movie should be called The Lion Queen and Nala and Sarabi should be the focus. Mufasa and Scar wouldn't fight, and in fact would be really close, with Mufasa (as the alpha) would actually be the one with the black mane. Simba wouldn't have come back to Pride Rock and instead, when Nala was old enough Sarabi would carve out land for her to rule over. Amazing!

On a totally separate note - critics are split on the remake, but having not seen it I simply don’t understand why it’s called ‘live-action’ when the thing is all CGI but that’s just me...


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