Amazon Air is Quietly Expanding

Rachel Premack:

"We're thrilled to bring Prime members in Alaska their packages faster," an Amazon spokesperson told Business Insider in a statement. "Amazon Air's daily service to Anchorage Airport will begin this week. We are currently focused on expanding our network across the United States."
But observers say Amazon is not necessarily invested in catering to Alaska's 737,000 residents — the third-smallest state in the US by population with about 2% of the country's residents.
Rather, it's a sign that Amazon is inching toward expanding its in-house logistics capabilities to be able to move goods to and from Asia.
"There's no other reason," Brandon Fried, the executive director of the Airforwarders Association, told Business Insider. "Alaska and specifically Anchorage is a technical stop for freighter aircraft traveling to and from Asia."

The framing of this as being about Alaska is pretty hilarious. Frankly, the whole positioning about their air and overall logistics fleet build up has been. Of course they're building their own full delivery network to reduce their reliance on FedEx and UPS. Why wouldn't they?

My main question remains: when do they open this network to others. (Beyond those already selling through Amazon, of course.)


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