Keeping AI in check

If you have not made new year's resolutions yet, consider focusing this year on your fellow human being. Speaking for myself, I want to look less in screens and more in the faces of people.

Google is trying the same, in a way, recognizing that artificial intelligence (AI) has great power, yet comes with great responsibility for the human race. They made rules for themselves on what type of AI they want to do (preventing unfair bias), and which type of AI they leave aside (weapons, invasion of privacy).

What I like about Google’s AI Principles is that they make it practical. It is not just self regulation on paper. They have a review structure in place for upholding the AI Principles in their deals and products. They now also include an external advisory group, which shows they are serious.

I know we legislation too, and the EU are doing their best with these EU guidelines for "trustworthy AI". Google's self cleansing mechanism can help and sets an example for other (media) companies. As AI is crossing boundaries, we need self regulation of companies.


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