Fort Walton Beach Fire Department awarded 'Assistance to Firefighters' Grant

The Fort Walton Beach Fire Department has been awarded the Assistance to Firefighters Grant for $202,857.14. The City will contribute $10,142.86 totaling the grant project at $213,000. 

This brings the total grant money awarded to the FWBFD to $1,096,851. The department was just awarded a SAFER grant for hiring new firefighters. This new grant will be for equipment.

The department applied for the FEMA grant in October 2018 to pay for 30 new self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), a device worn by firefighters to provide breathable air in harmful environments. The department’s current SCBA are more than 13 years old, obsolete and out of compliance. According to the city, the new equipment will be purchased prior to the end of this year.

Go deeper: Click here to learn more about the "Assistance to Firefighters" grant.


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