Gartner Magic Quadrant Shelves WCM in 2020: Vendors Discuss the Future

In issue 3, we reported that Gartner was ending the Magic Quadrant for content management platforms. CMS-Connected took the opportunity to ask representatives from 9 CMS vendors, including Sitecore, Acquia, and Episerver, how they feel about it — and whether the "DXP" (digital experience platform) is really what's next.

For me, the concept of a DXP is mostly philosophical (how me a purpose-built end-to-end DXP and maybe I'll change my tune), but that philosophical stance is important: it points toward a world where content meets you where you are, is tailored to your interests, and adapts to changing conditions. Not every business needs (or can support maintaining) a digital experience platform of their own, but those that do will find the integrative capabilities very alluring.


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