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Fit for an AirPod

by M.G. Siegler


Startup PR: Brand Building, Not Brawling

Great post by Rachel Horwitz (who works with my wife at Spark Capital):

More reporters and editors across consumer and lifestyle beats write about the technology angle of a story almost inherently now, in a way that was a really hard sell when I was starting out in PR. Again, this is because technology has become so central to our every day life in a very short amount of time. You can’t write about human experience or trends without writing about technology because it is fueling it all.


To me, this means that technology companies need to get much better at owning their stories and managing their brands from day one. You no longer get to be “stealthy” for very long, if at all so you gotta fill the void with an accurate narrative about your product, your team and what you’re trying to accomplish asap. Drag your feet and others will do it for you (reporters, former employees, anyone with a Medium, Facebook, Twitter account, etc).

Technology is no longer a niche, it permeates everything. And while all startups may start out small, as they grow, they have to start thinking about the brands they're building earlier and earlier in their lifespans. Because you can go mainstream -- actually mainstream -- in very short order. We're moving beyond "disrupting" and the constant fights that used to entail...


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