TensorFlow Dev Summit


The 2019 TensorFlow Dev Summit was held last week, with the release of TensorFlow 2.0 in Alpha making the biggest splash. But there was lots of other news, too. The next major version of the most popular deep learning framework brings Eager mode, first-class Keras integration, and support for more hardware like TPUs.

The broader TensorFlow ecosystem continues to expand, as well. TensorFlow Hub makes it easy to compose pipelines of pre-trained models, TensorFlow Datasets provides a simple API for loading and manipulating common deep learning datasets, and TensorFlow Federated marks the first open source framework for distributed, on-device model training.

There were also a host of updates to TensorFlow Lite, including support for Edge TPUs and even microcontrollers.

If you don't have time to watch the 4 hour keynote, we've compiled summaries and clips on our TF 2.0 and mobile / embedded announcements.


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