Steve Jobs' Last Project: The Television

The television projects at Apple are fascinating because they seem to oscillate so violently. Apple either considers the Apple TV to be a "hobby" or it has "cracked" the code on the future of television. And those were just Steve Jobs words on the matter.

What's interesting here is that it's pretty clear that Apple was taking some sort of television project (beyond what we've seen from them with regard to the current Apple TV) pretty seriously. And they were seemingly close, in Jobs' view shortly before his passing. And yet, not much has come as a result, even years later.

Is this because Jobs is no longer around to drive this? Is it because the would-be content partners didn't want to get "iTunes'd" as the music industry had? Some combination? I recall some whispers of a "magic wand" control scheme, which may have evolved into the current (annoying) Apple TV remote. But there have been so many other rumors. One day, I'm sure someone with some actual knowledge will shed light.


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