#NowHiring: Burger-flipping robots 🤖


Your next burger in a restaurant just might be made by a robot. Due to the lowest unemployment in years, fast-food restaurants are turning to machines to start taking over some kitchen duties because they can’t find enough workers. Restaurants around the country are implementing robotics and automation to address mundane tasks that employees hate to do in the restaurants - in hopes to improve consistency, shave time off tasks, and maybe help ease the incessant turnover that crimps productivity and staffing across the industry. Here's how some of your favorite restaurants are applying technology to your food orders:

Caliburger implemented Flippy, a robot that turns the burgers and cleans the hot, greasy grill. Dunkin' Donuts installed small terminals that print out expiration times on food produce, and use digital refractometers to determine if coffee meets specifications. Arby’s installed ovens that roast the beef and then switch to holding mode after reaching optimal cook time - allowing night crews to begin cooking for the next day’s lunch before leaving. Wendy’s is using automation to eliminate one of the most undesirable jobs in the kitchen: washing the bowls, spatulas and other utensils used to prep food, saving almost ten hours of labor per week, and also installed self-cleaning ovens. Creator, a San Francisco burger shop where a robot preps, cooks and assembles your meal for the affordable price of $6. 

Companies mentioned (YTD): Dunkin (+7%), Wendy's (+5%)


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