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A Link to the Past

by M.G. Siegler


Eric Garcetti on Transportation and Homelessness in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles mayor talking to Bill Simmons:

So everything from Elon Musk, who we’re working with on new tunneling technology to speed it up, to, as we talked about, bringing public transportation to the airport and downtown. It’ll be a pretty transformed city. And Uber and Lyft were just the beginning. Connected cars is probably the quickest way to resolve traffic. Because when you think about it, a car about 95 percent of the time isn’t moving. So the idea you have to own your car then park it someplace, which is valuable real estate but takes away the city’s green space, increases the price of rents and stuff. L.A. is going to be a pretty transformed place and I think we’re going to lead the way. So no question we’re no. 1 in traffic, no. 1 in homelessness, but I think those are crowns we can lose.

Obviously, a lot of this is political posturing. But it sure sounds like he knows what he's talking about!


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