Learn A.I. from a Business Perspective


Faculty Director, Thomas Malone and his associates developed the unique curriculum. Malone published his  groundbreaking book "The Future of Work" in 2005 with a May 15, 2018 release date of his new book "Superminds: The Surprising Power of People and Computers Thinking Together"

I am excited to be part of MIT's A.I. online education program as the Course Manager. This is best-in-class online education, from a top-tier university with a personalized, people mediated support. 
Not only does the course make A.I. accessible to every business professional but it contravenes the doom and gloom message (e.g. Stephen Hawking's "worst event of civilization") with a humans-in-the-loop, collective intelligence framework.

I work with an exceptional team of 7 Learning Facilitators/Subject Matter Experts, 2 Success Managers, and 3 MIT TAs dedicated to supporting students in their learning process.

◆ Oct. 30th, 2017 the course launched with 700+ students enrolled
◆ The next course starts November 20th, 2017 Learn More


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