The State of ML and Data Science 2017

A big picture view of the state of data science and machine learning that shares who is working with data, what's happening at the cutting edge of machine learning across industries, and how new data scientists can best break into the field.

The piece is based on a 16,000-response survey (the authors share the complete data set). Headline takeaways:

  1. While Python may be the most commonly used tool overall, more Statisticians report using R.
  2. On average, data scientists are around 30 years old, but this value varies between countries. For instance, the average respondent from India was about 9 years younger than the average respondent from Australia.
  3. The highest percentage of our respondents obtained a Master’s degree, but those in the highest salary ranges ($150K+) are slightly more likely to have a doctoral degree.

I loved playing around with the interactive charts—there's good stuff in there.


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