A former Stanford dean on the danger of overparenting


_I began to see more and more parents who were coming to the university with their sons and daughters and sticking around, sometimes literally and often virtually. I found it bewildering. My own experience as a student in the ‘80s didn’t include much involvement from my parents at all, and I began wondering what if my parents had been expected to register for my courses, settle roommate disputes, talk with my professors about my grades. Not that long ago, 18- to 20-year-olds had the capacity to do those things for themselves, and now, they seemed not to. [...]_ _My fear is if people lack a hunger, a desire, to do for themselves, what that will mean for them and for all of us at a societal level. We may be looking at people who are “adults” chronologically, but who are existentially still very dependent on others to do the hard work of life – as well as the dreaming._


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