Dashboards are Dead.


There is a lot a lot to like about this post. The thing I like best is that someone is actually putting real effort into alternatives to the dashboard-based BI status quo. I'm not saying that dashboards aren't good and valuable, but I have personally been feeling some of the pains that the author points out in the post.

That said, I'm not sure that I 100% agree with notebooks as The Solution. Notebooks are awesome! But they've also been around for...a while now. Why is 2020 the year where all dashboards migrate to notebook form?

The thing I do 100% agree with in the author's solution section is that "data is going portrait mode." My personal belief is, though, that this portrait mode is going to look a lot more like Reddit—posts with constrained content types, specific topic areas that can be subscribed to, social features... You'll train the feed to surface the data from your org that you most care about.

I realize that might seem like a bit of a big jump, but it's something I've been noodling on a lot recently. Want to tell me I'm crazy? Hit reply, I'd love to hear it :)


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