Swarms of Instagrammers force a Canadian sunflower farm to ban all visitors


Earlier this week, we ended with @insta_repeat, the Instagram account that features instances where everyone takes the same exact photo. Now here's a story about what happens when everyone takes the same photo, which is that it ruins Canadian sunflower farms:

As The Globe and Mail reports, Bogle Seeds in Hamilton, Ontario had to close down its fields to all visitors following a viral image that lead to a massive increase in foot traffic of people shooting pictures of its sunflower fields. In late July, the farm was open to everyone, with the owners charging an entry fee of $7.50 to people who wanted to visit the brightly colored flowers. At first, the crowds were manageable, but by July 28th, everything had changed. After pictures of the farm went viral, an estimated 7,000 cars lined up on the roads leading to the farm.

The next time someone blasts you for taking pictures of yourself, tell them you're supporting local businesses. Save a farm — take a selfie.


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