"Check out the sweet roof!"


I understand the reasons why many people don't like the SolarCity/Tesla tie up, but I don't understand why people don't understand it. Again, it seems stupid to bet against Elon Musk being one step ahead in this thinking... 

Jack Stewart:

The new roof and battery are both part of Musk’s master plan to save the world through sustainable energy. Yes, you could go out and buy a solar system now, but the large, purple-black sheets of glass don’t exactly blend in on a period house—or most other properties, for that matter. Beyond a certain grudging respect for your green credentials (and lower utility bills), they don’t make the neighbors jealous in the way a Tesla Model S in the driveway does.
And that’s a shame. Solar power is an elegant solution for sustainable energy generation. Once the panels are installed, they make electricity whenever the sun shines, with no moving parts, no noise, and, beyond the occasional cleaning, very little maintenance. The problem is, when the sun isn’t shining, like in the evenings when electricity demand peaks, they’re useless. Hence Tesla’s plan to integrate pretty panels with a battery. Generate and store by day, light up your house by night, and brag about it when you feel so inclined. (“If you install our solar roof on your house, you’re going to want to call your neighbors over and say ‘check out the sweet roof!’” says Musk.)


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