The Google Pixel Reviews

I think I read over all of the major Google Pixel reviews (the Techmeme link above does a good job highlighting the best of them) and the consensus seems pretty clear: it's a great phone, clearly the best Android device ever, and the first such device that can truly compare to the iPhone. Of course, I feel like we've heard that refrain before in reviews (usually around the Nexus or Galaxy devices), and then sometimes they spontaneously burst into flames after enough usage. So... we'll see. But I'm going to order one to try it out myself. 

The speed seems to be universally praised. The camera as well, though most reviewers seem to note that it's just different from the iPhone camera -- a bit more over-the-top presentation-wise versus the iPhone's more "natural" look. (It seems to be a matter of personal taste which one you'll like more.) The one big knock on the Pixel seems to be battery life (though Dieter Bohn had a different experience and found it to be great). And everyone seems to really love the new Google Assistant, with basically everyone noting that it runs laps around Siri (which, as we all know, honestly isn't saying much). 


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