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Hearts & Minds

by M.G. Siegler


Tim Cook: Technology Should Serve Humanity, Not the Other Way Around

Nanette Byrnes sat down with Tim Cook. On the hot-topic of AI:

Cook says the fact that the press doesn’t always give Apple credit for its AI may be due to the fact that Apple only likes to talk about the features of products it is ready to ship, while many others “sell futures.” Says Cook: “We are not going to go through things we’re going to do in 2019, '20, '21. It’s not because we don’t know that. It’s because we don’t want to talk about that.”

It's a fair point -- and a very Apple one. But the concern -- and I acknowledge there's an upside here despite that word -- is that Apple won't have nearly the data that Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others will because of their fundamentally different stance on data collection.


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