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Logan's Run

by M.G. Siegler


Netflix Viewers Get To Tell The Story With New Interactive Technology

Dana Feldman:

Later this year, Netflix will run a trial with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” children’s show based on an established character. If this proves successful, there are plans to work with the same format for adult-oriented shows. There has been no confirmation yet as to whether Netflix will apply this interactive format to new shows only, or also include current fan favorites.

This follows Apple also talking about "interactive television" as their potential path forward in the push for the "future of TV." Count me as skeptical on all of this. Television is great because it's a lean-back experience. This is trying to get you to lean-forward.

Obviously, that works for some mediums, like videogames. But I'd bet that once the novelty wears off -- who doesn't love "Choose Your Own Adventure"? -- people go back to leaning back. 


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