A Sick Giant


Okay, I'll warn you (and I'm ending the issue here because of this): if you click on this article, I may never see you again. Tim Urban's site is an abyss (so if you need a way to procrastinate on life, you found it. But. Tim's. So. Fascinating.). This article is Chapter 10 of a long-form blog (book?) Tim's writing that I have not even come close to finishing. It starts with his thoughts (and experience) with the Psych Spectrum tug-of-war ("the core human struggle: the tension between our genes’ will to survive—a primal flame that burns brightly in everyone—and the human capacity to override that flame when it makes sense to do so, with rationality, self-awareness, and wisdom) and includes mention of the Psych Spectrum Fitbit, which is just funny. Goodbye forever.

Read on (brave soul).


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