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Spring Cleaning

by M.G. Siegler


2019 iPhone to Have Faster A13 Chip

Mark Gurman with a headline you could file under ‘no shit’ but there are some details:

All three new iPhones will look similar to the current versions, but the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max updates will gain a third rear camera. The iPhone XR successor will get a second camera on the back.
The third camera on the high-end models will have an ultra-wide-angle lens to produce larger and more detailed photos. It will also enable a broader range of zoom. Apple is also working on an auto-correction feature to fit people back into a photo who may have been accidentally cut out. The second camera on the new XR model will have increased zoom as well.
The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max successors will be about half a millimeter thicker, according to one of the people, and the back camera array will fit into a square on the top left.
Apple also plans a feature that lets users charge the latest AirPods and other devices by putting them on the back of the new iPhones. That’s similar to a feature Samsung offers on its newest devices, the people said.

It’s sort of fascinating to think about what Apple will do with the hardware this year. It’s supposed to be a “tock” year — that is, a big change year — but such changes have typically looked different. This year, according to the report, the only real difference will the look will be with the camera bump on the backside…

And yet, this makes sense. We’ve basically whittled the iPhone down to its essence. How different-looking can you really make it at this point (insert the folding phone joke here).If anything, it’s getting stranger looking with this ever-growing appendage stick out of the backside of the device…

More importantly (to Apple), what will this mean for hardware sales? A new camera doesn’t seem exciting enough to pull in more upgraders than usual (since we get that every year). And yet, there’s no question that I will be upgrading to get the new camera, of course.


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