Linkedin Data Hub: A Generalized Metadata Search & Discovery Tool

Wow. The metadata space is really hot in bigtechland. The post summarizes recent work in a single sentence: developed in this space include AirBnb’s DataportalUber’s DatabookNetflix’s MetacatLyft’s Amundsen, and most recently Google’s Data Catalog.

There's a lot happening, and with good reason. These companies have truly massive amounts of data, and massive, highly trained, and expensive workforces who consume it. Once companies and teams grow beyond some fairly fundamental human limits, they have to rely on tooling to aid in discovery. The post goes through lots of updates to Linkedin's product (previously called WhereHows) including lessons that the team has learned over the past 3 years.

Really good read. I'm confident that products like this are coming to your team over the coming 1-4 years.


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