Superhuman | Better than Gmail (say I)

I've been using Superhuman for a couple of months now and can honestly say I love it.

I've been a Gmail power-user since just a few weeks after it was launched in 2004, and as much as I love Gmail, Superhuman is a better front-end for the Gmail back-end service.

Superhuman is a lot faster than Gmail. It has well thought-out defaults that make you more likely to get to inbox zero, and it has built in templates, send later, reminders, read reports and more. The mobile app works very well, and has a great feature to let you reach inbox zero from your mobile: Remind me when I'm back at my desktop (which is the only aceptable action, I find, for a bunch of emails).

They have a waiting list of something like 70K folks, but I can refer some number of you, probably at least 10-15, and get you near the front of the waiting list. Email me back if you are a power-user of Gmail and want something better, and are willing to pay $30/month for it. I'll try to refer anyone who asks, but if I get so many requests that I'm not sure they'll take all the referrals, then I'll go by order of how long you've been a subscriber.


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