Uber and Lyft must classify drivers as employees, judge rules, in blow to gig economy


(The Guardian)

Bill AB5 – and with it, the future of work and the rights of gig workers – has come into focus again. On Monday, a California judge issued an injunction against Uber and Lyft, following a lawsuit against the two companies stating that they are transgressing AB5, a landmark Californian law seeking to protect gig workers by ensuring that they are classified as employees rather than as contractors. Uber plans to make an appeal.

Taking points:

The battle revolves dizzyingly around issues of regulation, innovation, flexibility, protection, and welfare. Despite Uber’s planned appeal, its CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, penned a New York Times Op-ed titled “I Am the CEO of Uber. Gig Workers Deserve Better.” One part public affairs offensive, one part gig worker protection manifesto, Khosrowshahi’s article concludes with a suggestion that “This is the time for Uber to come together with government to raise the standard of work for all.” Just what is meant by ‘come together’ remains to be seen. - Khiran O'Neill | email


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