$1.9 billion big data company Talend is acquiring Stitch for $60M


Wow! This was the surprise of the week for me.

As many of you know, the Data Science Roundup was originally started within Stitch, and when I left to found Fishtown Analytics Stitch graciously allowed me to continue publishing it. We use the product extensively in our consulting work and have enjoyed watching it grow and improve over the past few years. As such, we have been and remain heavily invested in Stitch's success.

Many Roundup readers are Stitch users, and in the past few days I've repeatedly gotten the question "What does this mean for the future of Stitch?" I figured I'd share my personal thoughts here. Note that I have no insider knowledge: this is just my read as an industry observer.

First, here's Jake Stein (Stitch CEO) posting to dbt Slack this week:

Stitch is going to be an independent business unit at Talend, and our product will have the same focus as today. We're going to staff up our team as well, so expect a lot more good stuff from us in the months and years to come.

Yeah, but that's what he would say, right? Thing is, I actually believe this—I don't think Talend bought Stitch to kill it, I think Talend (originally founded 2005, pre-cloud) needs a play in the cloud ETL space, and they're buying their way in. Talend has meaningful existing open source commitments, so I think they're ideologically aligned with Singer, Stitch's open-source framework. My guess is that Talend plans to use their existing sales channel to accelerate Stitch's adoption within the enterprise, but the commitment to the existing self-service product is real.

So: if you're an existing Stitch user, I actually do think this is good news. If you're making your choice of provider now, I don't think this news should change your calculus.

Congrats team! 🎉🎉


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