Closing the Loop Between Data Analysis and Action

I can't believe I'm linking to a feature release blog post, but I really do think this is a thought-provoking topic. Looker just announced that you can now build queries and then automatically export the results of those queries to Segment, which in turn allows you to send the data to any of your other Segment-connected products. Build an email list in your data warehouse and export it to your ESP, etc.

The reason I find this fascinating is because it's one of the first forays into removing humans from the analytics loop in the mainstream BI space. There's all of this data locked up in our data tech stacks, but it's surprisingly hard (and human-intensive) to take that data and plug it back into operational systems.

If the past five years have been focused on building software to consolidate and analyze data, I think the next five years might see the rise of tools to plug these newfound insights back into operational systems. This would change much about how businesses operate and would significantly elevate the role of the data scientist / analyst in the process.


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