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Zero to One

by M.G. Siegler


The Game of Telephone That Became a Battle

Kelsey McKinney on the coincidences surrounding the timing of Alexander Graham Bell "creating" the telephone:

Within three years of each other, then, three men invented the same device and arrived at the same conclusion to an age-old problem. All three were brilliant technological minds who created over their lifetimes more than 100 innovations for modern society. But if the debate and conflict over which one of them invented the telephone tells us anything, it is that the person with the best public relations team wins in the end. Whether it was a coincidence or a theft or a race to the finish, Alexander Graham Bell’s name — not Elisha Gray’s or Antonio Meucci’s — had the best branding, and so he is the one who lives on.

An important thing to remember/consider, regardless of industry, I think.


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