3)We Forum: The amazing donkey libraries of Colombia🐴


I love this story 😭. Literacy rates across Latin America are generally pretty high, particularly among younger generations. But it’s still common for children in remote communities to live in homes with little access to books. Luis Soriano Bohorquez is a man with a mission, a collection of books, and some donkeys. In the small town of La Gloria, he's dedicated himself to bearing books on the back of a burro so that people in remote communities, where years of armed conflict have often disrupted children’s access to education, can enjoy a donkey-powered mobile library service – the Biblioburro. Bohorquez obtained his degree in Spanish literature from a roving professor who visited his town twice a month. It was this understanding of the particular challenges faced by children in rural communities that led Bohorquez to leave his job teaching at an elementary school and hit the road, with one of his faithful donkeys, Alfa and Beto.

*Thanks so much to long-time supporter Stuart Rowe of BioMotiv for the submission!*


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