Apple News is Giving the Media Everything it Wants -- Except Money

Speaking of Apple operating outside of their wheelhouse, here's Will Oremus on Apple News back in September:

The problem, publishers say, is that Apple doesn’t sell many ads within the app—not nearly as many as you’d find on most websites—and it doesn’t make it particularly easy for publishers to sell their own. Apple News doesn’t support some of the common ad formats or systems that dominate ad sales on the web, and not all media companies find it worthwhile to develop and sell custom ads just for Apple News. (Those that do can keep all the revenue or they can let Apple sell them, in which case Apple takes a 30 percent cut.) As Matt Karolian, the Boston Globe’s director of new initiatives, told me, “The juice ain’t worth the squeeze.”

It's sort of surprising that Apple got into ads at all for this. Especially given the failure of iAds in the past, and their main talking points these days. Plus, it's a trade-off. No matter what you think about ads-based businesses, they make such products worse. This isn't the 1950s with beautiful magazine ads.

When the new news subscription service comes, is part of the upset to kill all ads in the product?

How Apple News decides what stories to feature in each user’s app is a bit murky. Several sources confirmed to Slate a February report from the Information that Apple has set up Slack channels in which editors at major publications can pitch stories for it to feature. BBC News has one, as does Slate. Apple News also sometimes rewrites headlines on the articles it picks for its featured sections, and uses its Slack channels to make sure those changes are accurate. Sources at two midsize publications said they do not have access to a Slack channel with Apple News, though one said he corresponds occasionally with the app’s editors via email.

Nice use of Slack though!


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