(1.) NY Times: In Brazil, these all-female samba groups are a form of resistance


Highly recommend this read on the history of samba in Brazil and how all-female samba groups have begun to gain popularity.

The visibility of women throughout the history of Brazilian samba is a complex tale. Kelly Adriano de Oliveira, a top scholar on the history of women in samba, points out that samba was always rooted in resistance: the resistance of poor black communities against Brazil’s post-colonial culture. In 2018, that resistance has taken a different form, with women leading the change, pushing against sexist strictures. “This is a big moment in the history of samba,” she says.

The story also highlights all-female samba groups in Brazil like: Samba Que Elas QueremMoça Prosa, Samba da Elis, Sambadas, Samba Delas and Samba de Saia. Follow them all.


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