How Technology Supports English Learners in K–12 Schools

As the number of English language learners in today’s classrooms continues to grow, educators must consider new ways to facilitate their learning. English language learners, or ELLs, are the fastest-growing group of K–12 students in U.S. public schools. They currently make up 10 percent of the total public school enrollment, according to research by the National Center for Education Statistics. By 2025, that percentage is expected to rise to 25 percent, making nearly 1 in 4 public school students an ELL.

Federal law requires schools to ensure ELL students can “participate meaningfully and equally in educational programs,” which also involves successfully communicating with their students’ parents in a language they can understand. Thankfully, there are tools such as Microsoft Translator for Education and Flipgrid that can help educators bridge the language gap.


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