Apple Revamping Find My Friends & Find My iPhone in Unified App

The scoops keep coming from Guilherme Rambo:

Apple also wants users to be able to track any item – not just their Apple devices – using this new unified app. The company is working on a new hardware product, known only as “B389” by the people involved in its development.
This new product will be a tag that can be attached to any item – similar to other products like Tile. The tag will be paired to a user’s iCloud account by proximity to an iPhone, like AirPods. Users will be able to receive notifications when their device gets too far away from the tag, preventing them from forgetting the item the tag is attached to. Certain locations can be added to a list of ignored locations, so that the item can be left at those locations without the user being notified. The location of a tag can also be shared with friends or family.

I think this is a brilliant service -- yes, service -- for Apple to offer. Tile is a nice product, but it only works in a very limited capacity -- most of the time I'm trying to track something, like a stroller, it's too far out of range. Apple has nailed this functionality with Find My Friends, and, to a lesser extent, Find My iPhone (which still seems too hit-or-miss -- and Find My AirPods which seems arguably useless, in my experience).

If Apple can make a reliable Find My ANYTHING service, I would absolute pay for that and any accessory required.


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