What Peloton Means for the Future of Fitness


Peloton is changing at-home exercise with sleek hardware and social, live-streaming software. What's fascinating to me about the whole thing is how we're arguing about whether or not communicating with other people in real time in a Peloton class is considered "being social" or not.

It may even be more social than working out at a brick-and-mortar studio with 30 to 50 people who are hardly acknowledging each other anyway. At Lynch’s first Barry’s Boot Camp class years ago, he recalls, “I was petrified… no one helped me. No one encouraged me. It was just thrown into the deep end without floaties.” By contrast, he says, a new Peloton rider who bonded with other members in the Facebook group might get on the bike and “get high-fives 2,000 times because everyone knows it’s my first ride.”

👉Also see Bloomberg's excellent feature from last September called The Treadmill Wars Are Here. And of course, this absolutely perfect thread on Twitter:


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