Paramount And Netflix Set Multi-Picture Deal

Dade Hayes:

Well before Gianopulos arrived at the studio after a long run at Fox, Paramount and other majors had gotten to know Netflix as a buyer of library titles. The aim of the new arrangement is to extend the ties into the original content phase for streaming services.
“‘We’ve had a long relationship with Netflix,” the studio chief noted. “On the licensing side, we’ve known the senior management team for many years. This represents an incremental revenue stream that we’re excited about. We have more capacity for great production than the theatrical system can accommodate. While [theatrical] remains our core business, we’re very happy to work with the likes of Netflix, Amazon and others as partners and new customers.”

Yeah, about that window mentioned above... See ya. All these folks are saying the right things so as not to piss off the status quo, but come on, there are going to be real and major side effects to such actions. And they're going to fundamentally change the nature of moviegoing.


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