1) Remezcla: Miguel open up about exploring his Mexican roots, and writing+ singing more music in Spanish


Many bicultural kids often undergo a journey to understand their complicated identities. That includes Miguel Jontel Pimentel, the American singer and songwriter born to Mexican and Black parents in California, who was raised between Inglewood and San Pedro in LA. Like so many Blaxican kids from South Los Angeles, he grew up between cultures and identities: two homes, two languages, two realities. “A lot of my knowledge of Spanish comes from speaking Spanish with my grandparents and my aunts and my tíos and my tías in Inglewood over the summers, and when I visited my father’s side of the family,” he shares. He regrets not being able to practice his Spanish in between these visits, a consequence of existing as a child of divorce. In the beginning of his music career, Miguel says industry bigwigs and label heads struggled to understand the intersection of blackness and Latinidad, questioning his name and appearance. It’s a reality that plenty of black Latino pop stars have had to contend with in a system that renders complex identities into monolithic and palatable packages. At the end of the day, Miguel says his focus has always been about creating art that makes him feel whole.


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