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Witchy Woman

by M.G. Siegler

Apple+ Brand Versus Subscription

Some good points from Benedict Evans around the "Apple Plus" services:

Brand is actually the important part, I think - rather more than the Services narrative. These products fit into what feels like a new and emerging brand promise for Apple: the Disney (in a good way) of tech. Trusted, secure, private, no ads, no scams, no tricks you have to watch for (scammy in-app purchases in games, scammy/weird credit card charges) - it's all curated. Apple has talked about privacy for a while, and sometimes curation, but these products make that much more tangible. The old Apple promise was that you don't have to worry if the tech works. The new promise is you don't have to worry if the tech is scamming you.

This was without question a strong current running just below the surface at Apple's most recent event. It was just drowned out by the services, services, services business narrative.


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